keiichi HisatuneKeiichi Hisatsune

Tama University, Professor
School of Management and Information Sciences

Born in 1950
Graduated from College of Law, Kyusyu University
1973- Japan Air Lines Co.,Ltd.
Public Relations Section manager , Service comittee bureau Senior Director
1997- Professor, Miyagi University( President Kazuo Noda)
-present- Incumbent Student Manager and
Career Development Room Head
- Head of the "Technology of the intellectual production"
research meeting, a national organization of the
office workers.
in Miyagi Prefecture,- Administrative reform promotion committee commissioner
-long-term synthetic plan council special commissioner,
- Prefecture service improvement committee chairperson.
2008- Professor, Tama University

"How to Study the Internet to Improve Yourself"
(KK long-sellers)
"Dynamic Zukai - the White Paper/Economy,Industry Education of Japan"
(Dobunsya Publishing Co,Ltd)
"It can be done! Business Zukai"
(Dobunsya Publishing Co,Ltd)
"Dynamic Zukai - the White Paper of Japan"
(Dobunsya Publishing Co,Ltd)
"My Business History - using an Efficient Pocketjournal"
(Japan Business Publishing Co,Ltd)
"the Technology of ZukaiEthe Technology of Expression"
(Diamond Inc)
"the Technology of Zukai"
(Japan Business publishing company)
"the Guide to Intellectual Production"
(Yamato Publishing Co,Ltd)

Work experience

April 1973- Japan Air Lines Co.,Ltd
1988-1992 Public Relations Manager
1992-1994 Service Committee Manager
1994-1995 served concurrently on the
Business Reengineering Committee
1994- Service Committee Senior Director
Sept 1996 Qualified as a Professor of Miyagi University
School of Nursing in University Establishment Committee
Teacher Organization Examination
May 1997 Retired from Japan Air Lines Co.,Ltd
April 1997 Professor of Miyagi University School of Nursing
April 1998-present Professor of Miyagi University
School of Project Planning
April 2001 Professor of Miyagi University Graduate School
School of Project Planning

Research and Educational activities - after 1997


+"Self-expression" through Zukai
Published in the University Pedagogy Meeting Journal
vol.21 the 2nd 154-158pages

+The Theory devised from Research done on the
"Technology of Intellectual Production"